In 2020 we decided to up-cycle a bus and convert it into a mobile grocery store providing community members  with access to healthy food at a very reasonable prices and at the same time promoting plastic-free shopping.

We are primarily based in the Inner City of Johannesburg, yet our bus allows us to move.

So, look out for the Skhaftin bus!

Please have a look at the schedule here

We are still playing around with new options to park our bus and bring this opportunity to community members. Do you have a good spot in mind? Reach out please!

How it works

How it works.jpg

It is really simple:

1) You bring your own Skhaftin (container) to the bus - anything really works. So please start collecting any empty glass bottles, ice cream containers etc. Just make sure that they are clean and close properly.

2) When you walk into the bus we will first weigh your empty containers.

3) You fill each container with the ingredient you are looking for and in the quantity you need it.

4) We weigh your filled container again and you only pay for the quantity you bought. Nothing more.

You will notice that you will pay less for your ingredients with us. Because you only buy the quantities you really need and you don't pay for the packaging!