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Our Skhaftin bus is a mobile shop and can come right to your doorstep.

Such a smart way of doing your groceries:

  • It comes straight to you - so no transport needed, no carrying your groceries

  • No need to queue and wait 

  • You are shopping "outside" with fresh air surrounding you - safe especially in Covid times

  • You only buy the amount you need as you fill your own container

  • Helps you cut cost and save with our affordable prices

  • You reduce your plastic waste, as you re-use your own containers


Book us or find out when we are in your area.

Our Skhaftin has a weekly schedule - at the moment we are in these 3 areas.


Find out when we are in your area and simply wait for us or flag us down.


If you want to make sure that the bus stops for you, simply book us:

Call us: 081 822 3639

WhatsApp or SMS: 081 822 3639


Or use this form

Bookings need to be made by 12h00 at least 1 day in advance.

If in doubt simply reach out to us!

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