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We often pay attention to the beginning, the start of something. We want to get it right so we design and plan for it.

Closures are as important, at least that is what we think and believe yet we often don't have the time, resources or energy anymore to carefully think through it or plan for it.

Closing Skhaftin and handing it over to Kannemeyer Primary School made us engage in this process.

In this video Mapumba Cilombo interviews founder Ilka Stein and helps capture reflections and learning on the entire business journey.

We hope that it might be helpful for others as well.

We are consolidating our road trip experience and impressions  - so stay tuned

Here is a compilation of all our road trip updates!

More is still to come.


Click on the image to listen to the the 702 morning with Lester Kiewit interview.

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