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In July 2020 we started our journey of re-designing our business model. A group of 12 young people engaged in a deep process of exploring different options, speaking to experts in different fields, gathering ideas and gaining new perspectives.

In September we developed 3 different business models, one focusing on access to healthy food. A few curve balls later the idea of a mobile grocery shop for plastic free shopping was born. And from there things moved rather fast.

What started as a business development journey turned into a new business, creating employment opportunities for some of the young people. ForReal!

We always try to stay true to our values :

Trying to level the playing field for young people.

Creating ForReal employment opportunities for young people.

Turning every step into a learning opportunity.

And as much as possible stay and support local.

We are so grateful for all the media coverage talking about Skhaftin and our journey.

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