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1st stage Jo burg to Bloemfontein

We are on the move #Skhaftin_jhb #plasticFree #Kannemeyer #Roadtrip

Good vibes all along

We left Jo burg early in the morning and enjoyed the quiet highway. Perfect for our

beautiful old bus to find back into the groove. And it seems like "she" is enjoying this roadtrip as much as we do.

This first stage was really good for us to settle in and also prepare ourselves.

We are hosted by the University of Freestate on their campus and would like to say a special Thank you to the office of the Vize Chancellor. We are in owe with the spacious and wonderful green campus and the warm hospitality.

Now we are preparing for our visit at Agricultural Hub in Graaf-Reinnet and meet the Support Centre for Land Chang.

But now first a good night sleep on the quiet Campus of UFS!

It couldn't have started better!

Thanks to everyone for your support and following our journey

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