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Updated: Mar 24, 2021

So this is for the person that will keep their plastic wrapper or any waste in their hand or in their bag until they see a bin. The one that believes in a better future for the environment for generations to come.

Perhaps, this will also be for those who "forget" that their biggest role could be to simply stop littering and get rid of the mentality that they have to litter because otherwise someone loses their job, that ? Is no way to think and be. What if that person will have the opportunity to spend less time cleaning up after someone else and rather plant trees and nurture gardens that we all need.

A lot of people were upset when a massive amount of plastic straws were discontinued and replaced by paper. This is meant to do less harm to the environment because the same people upset at this change would use the straws and they end up right on the ground or in already full landfills (more on this topic coming soon).

Again, half of the plastics produced are problematic.It seems that a large amount of retail stores are eliminating the use of plastic. Slowly. This is good however, the impact isn't as effective because so many other places are not yet doing this and perhaps this is our government's role to look into and ban the use of plastic.

Here is a light bulb moment for a potential petition..

What do the bans accomplish? They prevent millions of plastic from entering the waste stream each year. And when it comes to waste that lasts forever, every ton counts.Not only does banning single-use plastic reduce pollution, but it also reduces demand for plastic production that’s contributing to global climate change. But beyond these impacts, the bans have cultural effects. Companies are forced to innovate, rethinking their designs and sourcing sustainable materials. And they help shift consumer mind-sets, as people begin to recognize that exorbitant and avoidable waste is not sustainable. The idea is to encourage shopping consciously and being eco-friendly in our daily lives so whenever possible use glass and or paper. We aim for little to zero plastic use by introducing this cool and convenient way to shop only for staples you need, sustainably so. It may also be referred to as reusing and up-cycling. Here's a practical example, the glass jar from your mayonnaise, instead of throwing it the bin, why not store sugar in it?! Make it fun, paint and label it yourself and then refill any glass containers with just the right amount of ingredients you need. This can also be done with ice cream containers ! (be sure to not upset any ice cream lovers at home though with this surprise if you happen to store it in the freezer) by adding ingredients such as popcorn seeds, beans and so much more instead of also buying more than you need. We will be sharing a lot of important facts on single-use plastic and zero waste on our social media pages so do engage do remember to take care of the environment, plant and hug a tree !

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