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It takes practice

We want to inspire you to think twice before getting rid of reusable materials, something like "Oh, I could keep that glass bottle to store my next purchase of black beans from Skhaftin"

Here's how:

I think, like many things in life, it takes practice. It takes a whole lot of practice to get into the rhythm of storing containers and glass bottles after use.

Creatively and actively making it a point to do our small part in the environment.

There has genuinely been a beautiful sight and experience of shoppers who spot the bus and immediately make their way with their Skhaftin ready to shop, It is really cool to witness, the involvement that community members are taking.

We also do come across a few shoppers that say "oops, I've forgotten my Skhaftin!" This is also fine considering an area where people are not familiar with the bus. The idea is to implement this change in society so plastic doesn't create any more waste than it already does, it is to shift into reusing and up-cycling materials in innovative and cost-effective ways for your benefit and that of the environment.

Skhaftin is a month old (yes, make some noise!) and it totally makes sense that you forget to keep your containers and glasses to bring with you to shop with us on the bus. It takes time. However, let's work on it...

Change is constant and it takes us time to adjust and get into the groove of a new routine than what we are usually accustomed to. Think of it as that one fruit you never liked as a child, now you're all grown and it makes its way back to you, hesitant of course but the effort to try again makes the difference and suddenly you change your mind and realize "maybe, this isn't so bad". Sometimes it could also be a moment of "sies, this is exactly why I don't like it" and that's okay too but give it a try first, unless you're allergic then please don't.

This is for my people in their early twenties and older, probably living away from the comfort of home or remotely considering it, guys we're becoming the adults! The reality is we are the ones to take care of our own, it doesn't always start off all glamorous and boujee, we work our way to it.Yes, it seems very 90s and tedious to be having butter and ice cream dishes filled with ingredients which is exactly why this is the platform to share your suggestions on ways to get friends and family into reusing and keeping our surroundings clean.

Let's check out some cool and colorful containers and share which are some of your coolest storage in reusable materials favorite one has to be fabric softener in a wine bottle inspired by my friend.

Share your cool inventions on our social media pages ! #skhaftinjhb

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