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How it works !

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

1. Weigh: We will weigh your Skhaftin before you fill it with your desired and needed ingredients.

2. Fill: Only you know how much more turmeric you need to make your perfect breyani or flour for those amazing pancakes, so you fill your Skhaftin with the required amount of ingredients..

3. Weigh: Now that the Skhaftin actually has content in it, we are able to calculate how much it costs for the chosen ingredients.

So if you've taken 250grams of Macaroni ? It's a little as R5 and so on...

4. Pay: Here, you pay for the ingredients before making your way to cook up a storm !

Here is a visual guide :)


After (just remember to go easy on sugar)


Check out our social media pages (#skhaftinjhb or facebook or to find out the schedule and where our bus will be to make your purchase and don't miss out!

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