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New System

The reality is, running a business in the midst of a pandemic has to be somewhere on the list of "challenging experiences during Covid-19". The rise in cases and uncertainty of everything doesn't make it any easier. It's tough, for everyone.

The Skhaftin team would like to share what has happened over the past few weeks when taking the bus out would be a risk , when our customers had to stay indoors as much as possible, meetings with possible partners and events had to be cancelled and interviews had to be postponed.

With that said, the safety of our team and our community comes first. Hence, we parked the bus, taking a pause quite literally and went back to the drawing board to do our best to consider ways on working around the new normal.

So, what's next ?

The Skhaftin bus has chosen different routes - so we are covering different areas of Johannesburg every single week. The same area, on the same day, each week.

So you can spot us on route, flag us down, book us and you can become a Skhaftin "Champion".

As a Champion you will inform and alert your neighbors and community members and invite them to join you to shop at Skhaftin. The days to look out for the bus will be Thursday, Friday, Saturday and perhaps Sunday to accommodate everyone that isn't available during the week. Have a look at our schedule on the website.

Please see our social media and look out in your neighborhood for information on the areas we will be in as well as how to become a Champion !

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