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Nothing new, just a different time.

We have had to re-think how to continue to spread word on how Skhaftin works and help our customers understand, on the arrival of all our ideas during the brainstorming..

The light bulb moment of this process finally happens and we realize that previously, we have been making re-using your containers seem like it's an innovative and brand new way of doing things when we actually found that this has been a common thing on our beautiful planet Earth for longer than we have been here.

So, the message is simple. How Skhaftin works is perhaps something that has traveled back in time but also to the future simultaneously. What this means is that using those ice cream containers and margarine dishes and and and, to store dry ingredients and leftovers isn't new AT ALL, the only thing new here is that a really cool bus with the resources to help you fill those containers when you need a refill at any odd time in the month with something such as popcorn seeds, sugar, cereal, rice and so much more. AND the convenience of it is that you pay only for how much you actually need (quantity wise) and not the packaging which is why it's affordable.

Yes, we are saying "Say no to plastic and save the planet." However, the important part is that we saying "Pay for the amount you need and nothing more, while you save and clean the environment."

And so, to this awesome discovery of smart shopping with Skhaftin, both plastic and glass containers are welcome, as long as you're re-using, re-filling and saving - you are heading in the right direction.

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