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Subscribe with Skhaftin!

Here's the deal.(wink, wink)

We have 4 packages which consist of a basic, breakfast, soup and spices set-up, all you have to do is choose a combo best suited for you and perhaps all of them...

There's a deposit fee of R20 and lastly you decide if you'd like your package to be delivered to you Skhaftin style via a very cool bicycle club collaboration with Book Ibhoni or you could pick it up at our Skhaftin offices in Victoria Yards.

If you ask me, this subscription is perfect for someone like myself who would rather not do the administration of going from one store to the next because the one is cheaper than the other, Skhaftin already does the comparison of prices for me AND delivers ? Saves me time and sounds good to me.

It's important that I take note of the groceries which have run out and all I have to do, is make sure that it still aligns with my food budget.

Here's a breakdown of the packages and contact us for your subscription..

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