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Thank You

This is another very special thank you to one of the people who were a part of the transformation from 'just a bus' to what we now know as 'Skhaftin'.

He is a man commonly known as Rasta in the community of Betrams where he runs his business of modifying and repairing vehicles and has been in the industry since 1986. As he is absolutely passionate about what he does -

"I just put my mind to it and start operating" he says.

We were more than pleased to have him on our team considering his specialties. It certainly was not a smooth sailing journey, removing the old interior from the bus until there was nothing left was really tough, it took hard work so much help from members of the For Real Team and of course there with challenges along the way which have created the business relationship we have with him and the results produced which are nothing short of incredible work.

We are pleased to have been in partnership with Rasta

"I'm proud of the work I did on the bus, the industry itself is not easy but I love it. I have just gained more experience and I am so happy to see how beautiful it looks and the way people love the bus makes me happy. I also hope we can have many buses like Skhaftin in other provinces." he excitedly adds.

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