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What's in your Skhaftin ?

One of the main concepts behind Skhaftin is to encourage a healthy lifestyle and it allows people to have a greater choice over the food quantity and thus reducing waste.

Maintaining the culture of our Skhaftin vision which is to encourage the use of alternatives for single-use plastic by replacing it with glass and or reusable containers to store foods and making sure that this way we begin by reducing and reaching a point where we eliminate the harm done to the environment.

It's been over a year that I have decided that I would intensely cut down on meat (with an exception or maybe weakness of dunked wings.) However, consciously choosing to follow the path of a plant-based diet or lifestyle has been rather interesting and challenging all at one go. It continues to teach me to do my research in order to maintain the necessary ingredients needed in a good diet and to play around with flavors.

The coolest part about the ingredients we have is that they are beneficial to your diet and even great for some homemade skin care hacks. Recently, I had actively explored the following ingredients which are available in our bus ! Chickpeas, Lentils and Paprika and I'd love to share some of the things I got to know about them and a recipe for any occasional or beginner vegetarians out there !

*Canned food lowers vegetables' nutritional value since they are best cooked lightly for a short period of time, while their canning process requires a long cooking time at high temperatures.

Facts about Chickpeas:

Chickpeas are an ancient food.

Also known as the garbonzo bean and ceci bean, the chickpea grows in subtropical and temperate regions. One of the first-cultivated vegetables on this planet.

Chickpeas are full of nutrients:

They can be categorized as both vegetable and protein, making it an incredible versatile food choice.

Chickpeas are a great source of fiber:

The fiber helps digestive health not only by bulking up stool, but by also getting things moving and helps prevent constipation. It is therefore beneficial for cholesterol and gut health.


It also works as a stimulant as it helps in treating depression, lethargy, tiredness and other health benefits. Paprika assists in weight loss since it comprises of elements that boost better digestion and metabolism.

It helps in treating wounds.

Treats skin problems.

Supports healthy digestion.

Prevents hair loss.

Induces sleep.

Decreases the risk of heart attack.

Anti-inflammatory properties.

Lastly a personal favorite, Lentils.

Compared to other types of dried beans, Lentils are relatively quick and easy to prepare, they are high in nutritional value and are available throughout the year.

Lentils help lower cholesterol, they manage blood-sugar disorders since their high fiber content prevents blood sugar levels from rising rapidly after a meal.

Lentils can be prepared day of serving since they do not need to be pre-soaked. Before washing lentils you should spread them out on a light colored plate or cooking surface, to check for and remove small stones or debris. Place lentils in a strainer and rinse thoroughly under cool running water.

Join us this Sunday at Victoria Yards - the bus will be there. Don't forgot to bring Skhaftins...

And check-out the next posts for recipes on lentils and chickpeas!

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